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The capital of Albania has changed dramatically within a few years, thanks to the Mayor Eddie Rama. The regenerated Tirana, got color and became a real European capital.   

An artist mayor, Eddie Rama (re-elected in recent elections), and former Minister of Culture of Albania (1998-2000) served with great success in a difficult and long task of reforming the city. He had the city and the public buildings painted in intense colors, which actually transformed the city into a colorful capital with pink, blue, green, brown and red colors.  He had all the neoclassical facades of all buildings restored. He also had all the pavements of the city changed with new colorful harmoniously laced flagstones and he added new lamps, in retro style, in the main streets of the Albanian capital.


Top 10 attractions in Tirana

1)Skanderberg square

2) Sali Shijaku Ethno House

3) Dajti Mountain

4) Petrela Castle

5) Blloku (The Block)

6) Youth Park

7) National History Museum

8) Central Market

9) National Art Gallery

10) Tirana Café Trio


Hotels in Tirana

Below you can find all the 25 hotels in Tirana. For more details and reservations click on the hotel’s link.

HOTELS IN TIRANA: In Tirana you can find many types of accommodation, from cheap hotels, hostels and apartments to luxury hotels, suites and villas. Stay in Tirana and Albania, online reservations for hotels in Tirana. Attractions in Tirana, travel guide. Rent a car in Tirana



TOP 12


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International names: Tiran, Tirāna, Tirane, Τίρανα, Τίραννα, Тирана

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1) Hotel LAS
2) Hotel Adriatik
1) Tirana International Hotel & Conference Center
2) La Bohème Hotel
3) Xheko Imperial Hotel
4) Hotel Prestige Tirana
5) Hotel Boutique Vila Verde
1) Vila e Arte City Center
2) Center Rooms Oresti
3) Capital Tirana Hotel
4) Hotel Nobel Tirana
5) Hotel Idea
1) Hotel London
2) Hotel Star