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Welcome to Barcelona,


General Facts

Barcelona lies on the Mediterranean coast between two rivers in Catalonia and it is the second largest city in Spain. It was first a Roman city and it was actually encompassed numerous times through the years. The city is very popular and because of its voluminous historical and cultural heritage, its port which is one of the most important ports in Europe and its airport which is very large and always busy from people coming to visit.    


Sights & Museums

The city is itself a masterpiece with wonderful pieces of architecture surrounding it. Some of the most significant sights of Barcelona are the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the Parc Guell, the Gothic Quarter and the Ramblas.
There is a great amount of museums you can visit in Barcelona such as the National Museum of Art, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, the Picasso Museum, the Foundation of Joan Miro and the Foundation of Antoni Tapies.
There are of course other kinds of museums like
the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia, the City History Museum, the Museum of the History of Catalonia, the Egyptian Museum, the Barcelona Maritime Museum and the Erotic Museum.
Although not a monument the FC Barcelona stadium is something worth visiting. 



Spain is the land of bullfighting, festivals and dancing. Bullfighting is connected to the country’s history since it goes way back and the Spanish people believe that it is a form of art. Bullfighting is very popular and people gather from other counties just to watch the matadores, the bullfighters, in the arena. 

There is not a city or a village in Spain that does not have fiestas and festivals and so does Barcelona. The Spanish people do not actually need an important reason to start drinking, eating, singing and dancing in the middle of the street. There are small and big celebration festivals in Barcelona all the year round. 


It goes without saying that the city of Barcelona, a city that loves partying has a large variety and different types of restaurants, coffee houses, pubs and bars. Barcelona is famous for its nightlife. Some of the bars stay open until the morning because the Spanish music is so vibrant and the people cannot stop dancing all night long under the beautiful Barcelonan night sky.      


Public Transportation
Barcelona just like all of the major European cities has a very good transportation system that consists of metro, buses, trams but also funiculars and cable cars. A new and really successful public transportation service is obtaining more and more power, it is the bicycle service, where you can hire a bicycle from a station and use it around the city and then drop it off on any other station. There is also a large number of taxis in the city that is easy to spot from their black and yellow colour. 


Catalan Cuisine

Combine fresh fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and fruit together with excellent sauces and you will have the finest of the Catalonian cuisine. The paella is one of the most famous dishes and a very tasteful dish. There are also other traditional recipes like the Catalan stew, the Flamenquillos, the Encalivada and so many others. And do not miss the opportunity to try the original desert crema Catalana.

The brilliance and the beauty of Barcelona will simply enchant you and you will definitely want to stay there forever or if that is not possible go back again.

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Barcelona Map


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Accommodation in Barcelona


In Barcelona you can find many types of accommodation from cheap hostels, guest houses and apartments to luxury hotels and suites. Some of them are located in the center of the city and the monuments and some others are in more quiet areas just a few minutes from the center.