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Welcome to Berlin,


Berlin History

Berlin is the capital of Germany. Although Berlin’s history is one of a kind, the city is thought to be quite new. Culture prospered in Berlin and although the city was obliterated through the years, especially after the Second World War, it managed to survive. In 1961 with construction of the famous Berlin Wall, Berlin was divided in two, the East and West Berlin for twenty eight years and one day but in 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and the city was once more united. Small parts of the Wall remain as a symbol and a reminder of all those difficult years for the Germans. Since then Berlin has become a magnificent city with a lot to offer. Berlin is bursting with museums, palaces and gardens. Its history is rich and its culture is wonderful.


Sights - Attractions

Berlin possesses unique sights that are simply breathtaking. The sights and monuments to visit in Berlin are countless. Some of them are:

Berlin Wall (what is left of it), Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, Rotes Rathaus, Victory Column, Unter den Linden, Friedrichstraße, Pariser Platz, Alexanderplatz, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church



There are so many important museums in Berlin with displays of contemporary but also ancient art and history. More than 165 museums encircle the city of Berlin and wherever you go in Berlin you will be surrounded by art. Berlin feels the beat of the modern times and the city has created a real intellectual, artistic and cultural setting. Artists gather in Berlin for the annual art exhibitions and the city is the place to be during that time. Berlin is definitely the capital city of European art. The city of Berlin is still being formed but it offers such a creative air with its museums and history. The museums in Berlin have a great variety of exhibits, treasures from the past and the present. Berlin’s enlightening assets are developing extremely nowadays and will keep on doing so in the years to come. The city loves art. Some of the most famous museums are:

- The Old Museum

- The New Museum

- The Old National Gallery

- The Painting Gallery

- The Museum Island

- The Pergamon Museum

- The Jewish Museum

- The Museum of Indian Art

- The Hamburger Bahnhof

- The Museum of European Cultures

- The Allied Museum

- The New National Gallery,

- The Museum of East Asian Art

- The Ethnological Museum


Palaces and Gardens

The palaces in Berlin hold all the history of the city. The parks and gardens in the city are beautiful and people love taking walks or just enjoying the green. Berlin has wonderful and enchanting palaces and dazzling gardens that are worth visiting. Berlin’s Botanic Garden a vast area with endless plants is one of the most famous gardens in the whole world. Many luxury hotels located in that area.


Festivals, Entertainment, Art

Berlin is the metropolis of art, with major opera houses, more than fifty theatres and various symphony orchestras. The city is also famous for its zoo that has a large number of different animals. The cafes, the restaurants and the bars play an important role in entertainment and they are also part of the city’s lifestyle.

There are also many holidays celebrated with festivals and parades, such as the Christopher Street Day, the carnival Love Parade, the Jazz Fest and so many more. Many people from other towns and countries gather to Berlin for all these festivals and celebrations.

Berlin’s nightlife is also very live and there is a club for every taste in music. Berlin is Europe’s nightlife centre.


Public Transport

The transportation system in Berlin is wide-spread and you can reach many locations easily and safely. There are buses and trams, railway lines and underground lines. Berlin is one of the few cities in Europe that does not have a large number of cars because the public transport is excellent and people prefer it. There are even rail lines that go to areas outside Berlin. Berlin has developed a bike lane for all those who prefer to move around on a bicycle. Since the capital of Germany is a major place for nightlife and clubbing there are buses and trains that run all night long. Finding a taxi is also very easy and the taxi drivers are very friendly.


German Cuisine

Germans eat simple and traditional food. Everybody knows that the Germans love sausages, but they also love all kinds of meat including birds and rabbits usually served with potatoes, onions and rich gravies. Germans are also famous for their drinking habits, a large pint of good German beer is always welcome.




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Berlin Map


Accommodation in Berlin


In Berlin you can find many types of accommodation  from cheap hostels, guest houses and apartments to luxury hotels and suites. Some of them are located in the center of the city and the monuments and some others are in more quiet areas just a few minutes from the center.

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