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Bucharest Guide

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Bucharest, Boekarest, Bucarest, Bucareste, Bucuresti, Bukarest, Bukareštas, Bukareste, Bukareszt, Bükreş, Bukurešť, Βουκουρέστι, Букурещ, Бухарест

BUCHAREST Travel & Tourist Guide

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Bucharest can only be characterized now as a buzzing metropolis with a large population and many cultural events that take place in the city all year long. It is a city that combines its traditions with the modern way of life and attracts many visitors. A city that has managed to restore its old buildings and keep its legacy alive through the centuries.
Bucharest became the capital city of Romania in the 17
th century and since then it has flourished with many boulevards, buildings dating from the 19th century, museums, parks, churches and modern hotels, restaurants and bars.
It is very easy to explore the city since it has metro lines, trolleys, buses and trams that you can use in order to reach your destination. The public transportation operates all day long and until very late at night with cheap tickets that you can purchase from the stations and the stops. Their prices range according to the days that you will spend in Bucharest. There are also many taxi companies in the city that you can use for your transportations, with friendly taxi drivers.
The locals are really hospitable and ready to welcome the visitors and offer them as many information needed to visit the city and explore the treasures in it. There are also many
hotels in Bucharest offering excellent accommodation and great prices. Moreover you can find many types of restaurants in Bucharest with all kinds of cuisines. The city is filled with cafeterias, bars and clubs where you can enjoy your coffee or drink, sit back, listen to the music and even dance to the rhythm of traditional but also modern music. 

The busy streets of Bucharest are full of shops but also shopping centers that are open all day long and have designer boutiques as well as restaurants and cafeterias. Some of the shopping centers are the Bucuresti Mall and the World Trade Plaza but there are many more. If you are planning to shop during your stay in Bucharest then you should visit some of the art galleries in town that have exceptional works of art in really good prices.
There are
so many things to see and do in Bucharest that you are going to need many days for all of them. The opera and the ballet performances are thriving in Bucharest and you should try to go to one of these recitals.  The Opera National Romana has many performances and it is really easy to find tickets. Furthermore you can enjoy a music recital at the National Chamber Orchestra or even watch a theatrical performance at the National theatre. In case you are interested in other types of entertainment the city of Bucharest is filled with jazz clubs, live music clubs and hip clubs. As an alternative night out you can visit one of the many casinos found in the city or the circus. There are also many festivals that take place in Bucharest which you can visit during your stay. Bucharest’s nightlife is versatile. The definite is that Bucharest is a city with all types of entertainment for all ages and tastes, a city that will never allow you to get bored.
Your holidays in Bucharest will not be complete unless you visit some of the most important archaeological sights, landmarks and museums found all over the city.
Bucharest is famous for its many palaces that are nowadays museums and for it parks that are full of trees and flowers. The Cismigiu Park a really large park offers a playground for the children and you can spend many hours there relaxing and listening to the birds. Another park and a breath of fresh air in the city is the Botanical Garden. Some parks have monuments inside worth visiting and concerts take place in some of them. 

The palaces and the museums are so many and all of them so special and unique. The Bucharest History and Art Museum housed in Sutu Palace has more than 300.00 artifacts dated from the 15
th century whereas the Romanian Peasant Museum has many agricultural handcrafts from previous centuries and it is considered as a very important museum in the Romanian culture. You should visit the George Enescu Museum that is housed in Cantacuzino Palace, the National Geological Museum, the Technical Museum, the National Military Museum and many more.
Everywhere you look around in Bucharest you can see
statues and monuments, famous and important landmarks showing the city’s history. The Arch of Triumph, the Royal Palace which is now the National Art Museum and the Romanian Athenaeum are some of these signposts.

Bucharest has many historical churches and maybe the oldest surviving is the Apostles’ Church or as they call it in Romanian “ Biserica”  with beautiful icons and wall painting. You can also visit the Biserica Patriarhiei, the Biserica Stavropoleos and Saint Joseph’s Cathedral.     
Most museums, churches, palaces and landmarks are situated in Calea Victorei, a very large avenue, in University Square, in Revolution Square, in Lipascani district and of course in the old historical center. You can wander around the streets of the city and enjoy the many beautiful attractions the city with the different architectural design buildings from different areas that blend together and give Bucharest character.
Bucharest is a contemporary and cosmopolitan city, a European capital but it still has a mysterious ambience surrounding the city making everybody love it.

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