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Welcome to Budapest,


Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and perhaps one of the most stunning cities in Europe or even the world, with the river Danube flowing grandly all the way through the heart of the city dividing it in half.

Budapest was founded in 1873, by the union of three towns Obuda, Buda and Pest. Obuda and Buda are located in the West whereas Pest is located in the East. Pest consists of the plains and Buda and Obuda the hills. The capital city of Hungary is justly considered as the Queen of Danube, with its wonderful history and rich cultural heritage, its vibrant rhythms and although Budapest is a modern city it has kept its charisma and its traditions. The climate of the city is mainly continental and all four seasons are distinct.


Attractions, Sights, Museums, Monuments:

Wherever you go, wherever you turn in Budapest you will see palaces, churches and museums. Budapest is a city so full of history and charm, a city that although it’s contemporary appearance it has not forgotten its heritage. There are a great number of museums and Monuments to visit in Budapest, some of them are:

- Aquincum Museum and the Roman Ruins

- Royal Palace

- National Gallery

- Budapest History Museum

– Castle Museum

- Military History Museum

- Ferenc Hopp Museum of East Asian Art

- Museum of Applied Arts

- Lajos Kassák Memorial Museum

- Kiscell Museum

- Museum of Contemporary Art

- Ludwig Museum Budapest

- Transport Museum

- Hungarian National Gallery

- Hungarian National Museum

- Hungarian Natural History Museum

- Palace of Arts

- Museum of Fine Arts

- Ethnographical Museum

- Statue Park

- St. Gellert Monument

- Grand Market Hall

- Gul Baba’s Tomb

- Heroes’ Square

- Fishermen’s Bastion

- Chain Bridge


Thermal Springs, Spas, Caves:

The city of Budapest is filled with natural springs, caves and spas. Most of Budapest’s thermal springs have therapeutic qualities. One of the most famous Spas of the city is the 16th century Turkish bath.

The thermal baths and natural water springs are connected to the remarkable caves that are almost 200. You can even visit some of them and see what is hiding under the city.  ( See photo here )  


Public transport:

The Public Transportation in Budapest is wide and really sufficient. There is a station every 400 meters in town, and there is an underground train, buses, trams and trolleys and they all have excellent standards. There are even some lines in service at night. Tickets are the same for all lines and services but you must buy them before boarding.


Hungarian Cuisine:

Wonderful ingredients mixed together creating flavors that you will not savor anywhere in the world. The Hungarian dishes are a bit heavy and spicy but extremely tasteful. The ways the dishes are cooked go centuries back. The Hungarians use a lot of spices and seasoners such as red paprika, garlic, onions, marjoram, thyme, parsley, saffron, cinnamon and many more. A visitor should most definitely try the palacsinta which is something of a pastry, the Beef pörkölt which is the local stew and the goulash



Do not think about it for long; just take the next plane to Budapest’s International Airport.




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Budapest Map


Accommodation in Budapest


In Budapest you can find many types of accommodation  from cheap hostels, guest houses and apartments to luxury hotels and suites. Some of them are located in the center of the city next the Danube river and the monuments   and some others are in more quiet areas just a few minutes from the center.