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« Land of the laughing girls, land of the tipsy boys….Cyprus land of love and dreams… a Gold-green leaf cast upon the sea…...» There are so many songs and poems that have been written about this beautiful island that has been loved and conquered through the centuries.

Cyprus is an island located in the Eastern Mediterranean and has always been the golden apple of discord for many nations that considered its natural resources and its neuralgic position irresistible elements. The island’s history is great and important, with many defeaters having left their mark through the passing of time. All over the island there are relics from all those conquerors that passed from the island, such as the Francs, the Venetians, the English and the Turks. Since ancient times and until today Cyprus has been attacked infinite times from invaders. In 1978 it was conquered by the English and it took many years of battles and sacrifices until the island obtained its independence and became a self governed state. Unfortunately the Cypriots were not lucky this time either, because their freedom did not last for long. The agitations and the riots between the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots would not end and the island was divided in two sections, the Greek section and the Turkish section. The effect of all these was the Turkish invasion in 1974, a date incised in the memories and the hearts of all the Cypriots who lived the tragic events of those days that divided the island in two, the free and the occupied Cyprus. In 2004 Cyprus became a member of the European Union but it is still whipsawed.
Nevertheless the free part of Cyprus evolved financially and it is considered as an earthly tourist heaven.

Tourist and Travel Information
Its almost tropical climate, the warm summers and the warm winters render it as an attractive destination for holidays all year long.  There are countless luxurious hotels in Cyprus that offer their visitors comforts and amenities whether they are visiting for business or pleasure. Although the island has a growth in commerce, tourism is considered one of the most important financial factors since tourists pack the island. The Cypriots offer great hospitality to the visitors of the island, with excellent stay, making their vacations unique given the fact that they are themselves special and interesting people. Whatever we say regarding the Cypriot cuisine it is not enough because it is really unrivaled. The food in Cyprus is delicious. Some of the Cypriot cuisine temptations are the roast meat, the haloumi (Cypriot cheese), the seftalies (traditional food), the kolokasi (traditional food), the pourekia (traditional sweet) and the diples (traditional sweet).
Although the island of Cyprus had turbulent years and although the island’s history is painful it still is a beautiful and irresistible island with an amazing interest. The largest cities of the island
Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos but also smaller cities and villages offer countless sights, monuments, museums, many restaurants, cafes and clubs since the island is notorious for its intense night life. Some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean are found in Cyprus, such as Akama’s beach, Governor’s beach, Coral Bay, Loutra, Ayia Napa, Armonia and many more. Some of the beaches have pebbles, others sand but there are also some that have rocks and are unreachable.

Cyprus loves its tradition and tries to maintain its customs alive with every way possible. In every celebration and feast Cypriots will not neglect to dance and sing their traditional songs, but they will not also neglect to keep their customs for each celebration and of course pass that to their children and grandchildren. There are so many villages that you have to visit like Erimi, Platres, Arsos, Kakopetria, Eurihou, Moutoulas, Omodos, Palaiohori, Agros, Vasa but also the ever green mountain of Troodos and the mountain of Prodromos. Although Cyprus is a small island divided in two, something that no Cypriot can forget, it is a proud and strong island. In Cyprus the distances are quite small, the beaches are astonishing, the food is excellent and the islanders are warm and hospitable. Therefore you can swim in Paphos and eat fresh fish in a tavern by the sea, later you can walk around the city of Nicosia and have a drink and end up in Limassol for the time of your lives.

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