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In list above you can find the three best 4-star hotels in Patras. The hotel Konstantinos Palaiologos and Byzantino are located in the city centre, while the hotel Airotel Achaia Beach is 15 minutes away from the center of Patras.

HOTELS IN PATRA: In Patra you can find many types of accommodation from cheap hostels and apartments to luxury hotels and suites. Some of them are located in the center and the port of the city and some others in the surrounding areas. Find hotels for the carnival in Patra. Rent a car in Patra

(Near Patra )

The Florida Blue Bay Hotel is near Patras in Psathopyrgos area and is the perfect place for your vacation. Located in a landscape by the sea provides all the comforts and amenities. There is a restaurant, a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor bar and a tavern by the pool.


1) Konstantinos Palaiologos Hotel
2) Byzantino Hotel

3) Airotel Achaia Beach Hotel



Photo Florida Blue Bay

( Location:  Patra’s port )

Adonis Hotel is located near Patras’ port and it offers basic accommodation in comfortable rooms overlooking the harbor and the city. It has 56 rooms with TV, heating and air conditioning.

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International names: Pátra, Patrai, Patrás, Patrasso, Patres, Πάτρα, Патра, Патры

Hotel Florida Blue Bay

Hotel Adonis