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Nafpaktos is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Greece.
It is a place full of history with many remnants and monuments still surviving the passing of time. The journey from Athens to Nafpaktos which is more specifically located in the Aetolia-Acarnania district is very pleasant. You can drive towards Aigio and from there along with your car take the ferry boat to Agios Nikolaos or drive to the Rio-Antirrio Bridge and cross the Corinthian Gulf.
Although Nafpaktos is a small town it has many treasures and places worth visiting.

Nafpaktos was desired and conquered by many other nations including the Romans, the Venetians and the Ottomans. During the Venetian domination Nafpaktos became the strongest fortress and flourished in all aspects. Therefore many of its monuments date from that era.

The lovely Venetian castle with its defensive canons stands strong and robust as in the old days protecting the city from various enemies and conquerors. Near the castle lays the old Venetian port, well known in the historic books from the year 1571 when the Greeks destroyed the Turkish armada in the famous Naval Battle of Nafpaktos. Following the port Rampart you can reach the Cervantes Cultural Park where the statue of the writer Miguel de Cervantes, who fought with the Greeks in the Naval Battle of 1571, decorates the entrance of the memorial park.

The ancient ruins of the temples of Artemis, Aphrodite and Poseidon, known as the ruins of Asklipiion are located near the town as well as the tower of Botsaris, a famous fighter of the Greek revolution in 1821.  Located a few kilometers away from the city are the Monastery of Metamorfosi Sotiros, the Monastery of Ambelakiotissa and the Monastery of Saint John. The view from the entire city is beautiful and the higher you move the better it gets.

Accommodation in Nafpaktos
Nafpaktos is a perfect place for holidays and it is an idyllic location for a short getaway. As the years go by it becomes a more and more popular tourist destination. There are numerous hotels in Nafpaktos, from all the categories, offering excellent accommodation to the visitors. The hotels in Nafpaktos are stylish and elegant offering modern amenities and many facilities.

Food & Night Life
Today Nafpaktos is also known for its nightlife which is very intense. The town has many cafeterias, bars, pubs and clubs that stay open until the early hours and provide an excellent choice for night entertainment.

You can visit most of the clubs and bars on foot because they are mostly located in the same are. The night ambience in Nafpaktos is magical, the stars shine upon the sky, the castle and the port have beautiful lights, the town is alive and yet you feel as if you have made a journey back in time. The modern city of Nafpaktos is united in a magical way with the ancient town of Nafpaktos.

There are also many traditional Greek Taverns and restaurants in Nafpaktos, especially near the port and the beach, from where the view is breathtaking. There is also a great variety of wonderful Greek delicacies in all the restaurants in Nafpaktos.

The town of Nafpaktos has clean beaches where you can enjoy the sea and the sun during the summer months. The beaches in Nafpaktos are organized and have lifeguards. Even during the winter months the sun is almost always shinning in Nafpaktos and you can still enjoy a nice walk at the beach or a coffee at one of the many cafeterias by the sea side, that are always open.

If you close your eyes and try to picture Nafpaktos just think of the endless blue of the sea and the sky, the brightness of the sun and the dark green of its mountains.

If you visit Nafpaktos once you will always want to return because it stays in your hear and mind forever.




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International names: Ναύπακτος, Nafpaktos

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Nafs Hotel is located next to the beach of Psanis and just 300 meters from the Venetian port of Nafpaktos. The hotel has a total of 39 comfortable and fully equipped rooms with private balconies and beautiful views. The hotel has an outdoor pool, restaurant, wifi connection, bars and it is one of the best options for your stay in Nafpaktos.

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Hotel Akti is located 50 meters from the beach of Gribovo in the city center and next to the Venetian walls of Nafpaktos. The hotel has a total of 50 fully equipped and modern rooms with free internet access and free parking. Hotel Akti is a very good and economical choice for relaxing holidays in Nafpaktos.

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Boutique Hotel Archontiko Pepos is housed in a neoclassical building of 1850 in the heart of Nafpaktos. It has all the modern amenities to satisfy and the most demanding visitors. It has total 6 rooms individually decorated with plasma televisions, marble bathrooms, hand-crafted wash basins, all rooms has free internet access.

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Ilion Hotel is amphitheatrically built close to the Venetian Castle of Nafpaktos and offer breathtaking views of the Corinthian Gulf and the city of Nafpaktos. It has a total of 10 rooms, all with views, balconies and free internet. You can enjoy breakfast with homemade cakes and juices in the large terrace from 8 to 11.