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Hotels in Kythnos Travel Guide Kythnos, Greece Information

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Hotels in Kythnos

Rooms to Let

1. Meltemi

2. Kythnos Bay



Hotel reservations for Kythnos Island, Greece. Here you will find a large variety of hotels, rooms to let, apartments, studios, pensions, villas in Kythnos Chora and around the island. Accommodation in Merihas, Loutra, Driopida and the other parts of the island. Information and travel guide for your travel in Kythnos.Attractions, restaurants, car rental in Kythnos.

Welcome to Kythnos !!!


Since ancient times Kythnos used to be an island with a neuralgic position in the Greek dominance and from excavations that took place in the last years there appear to be signs pointing Kythnos as the place where the first Cycladic civilization began. Evidence showing exactly that these assumptions are true, are the recent paleontological findings of four tombs from the Mesolithic period. Much later the Mesolithic period Aristotle mentioned in one of his books that the civilization in Kythnos was ideal, the term that he used was “Kythnion Politeia”, meaning Kythion State and describes the island's correct way of governing.

Kythnos is located between the islands of Serifos and Kea and its distance from
Piraeus is only 2 hours and 50 minutes. There is also a boat that leaves from Lavrion and takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Kythnos. The island has approximately 1560 permanent residents, whereas during the summer months it is full of tourists both Greeks and foreigners.
The island of Kythnos has public transportation and taxis for your transfers around the island, going to the beach or sightseeing, but you can also rent a car or a bike from one of the many car rental places. The buses go from the mainland, Chora and to Merihas and Loutra, although most schedules are from Merihas to Dryopida, Panagia Kanala, Episkopi and Martinakia.


Merihas is the island's main port where most ships anchor. There are many hotels, rooms to rent, cafeterias, bars, restaurants as well as tourist shops in Merihas.
You should not neglect to visit
Kavo Marco from where the sunset is simply breathtaking and it is considered one of the best in Cyclades. Whereas Merihas is considered to be the centre of the island, the heart of the night life the capital of the island is Chora. Another place worth visiting during your stay in Kythnos is the Katafyki cave in Drypida, which is one of the largest stalaktites and stalagmites cave in Greece. Important historical and archaelogical sights of the island are the churh of Panagia Kanala, the church of Flambouras, the monastey of Panagia Nikous and of course the old aqueduct in ancient Vryokastro.

There are great many beautiful sandy beaches with crystal blue waters in Kythnos and you can find near them taverns and restaurants that offer excellent dishes from the local cuisine.Some of this beaches are: Agios Dimitrios, Agios Sostis, Apokrousi, Episkopi, Zoggaki, Kolona ( a wonderful beach with only a strip of sand), Loutra, etc.



The festivals in Kythnos are an institution where the residents of the island do not miss. The most important festivals are the 15th August celebrations of Panagia Nikous, Panagia Kanala, Panagia Stratolatissa and the 8th September celebration of Panagia Flambouriani. The festivals are a special occasion for a feast and they usually last for three days and three nights. There are of course some more festivals during the year. 



It is very easy to try scuba diving in Loutra where there is a diving centre,you can also try fishing in Loutra and Agios Stefanos. Useful telephone numbers are: Telephone code for Kythnos (22810)-Port Police ( 22810 32290 ) - Doctor (22810 31202 ) - Police ( 22810 31201 ) - Piraeus's Port Police ( 210 4226000 ) - Lavrion Port Police ( 22920 25249 ).

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