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Lisbon (Lisboa)

There are many reasons to choose Lisbon for your vacation. A very important one is that the capital city of Portugal is a safe place to visit; the locals are extremely friendly and welcoming. Another reason is the weather, which is actually sunny and warm even during the winter where the temperature does not fall below 16°C.

Although Lisbon is a large European capital it is quite easy to wonder around the city and enjoy all the tourist attractions, the casinos, the parks and the beaches. Lisbon is full of historical and cultural treasures and it is considered to be an absolute delight for travellers. The sights and monuments in Lisbon are wonderful and there are buildings from many eras of the past keeping alive the Gothic, the Baroque, the Romantic and many other periods. Some of the most famous museums in Lisbon that you must visit are the National Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of Portuguese-style Tile Mosaics, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, the Lisboa Oceanarium , the National Museum of Costume and Fashion, the Berardo Collection Museum of Modern Art , the National Coach Museum, the Pharmacy Museum and the Lisbon Orient Museum.

The city has many theatres and music halls and it is culturally alive. The Opera is another fine example of the architecture, as well as Saint George's Castle, Jeronimos Monastery, the Belem Tower, the Vasco da Gama Bridge, the 25 de Abril Bridge and of course the monument of Christ the king. The city has beautiful parks worth visiting, the largest are Parque Florestal de Monsanto and Parque Eduardo VII and some large boulevards like the Liberdade Avenue with many shops and shopping centres. There are also some traditional shops with handmade Portuguese items that you can purchase. Some of the big malls in Lisbon are the El Corte Inglês, Colombo and Amoreiras.  Lisboa has nearby beaches and the locals spend most of their free time there. Some of the most crowded beaches are São Pedro do Estoril and Carcavelos Beach .

A city like Lisbon could not afford not to have some of the best hotels in Europe . But since it is not a very expensive city there are all kinds of hotels and hostels in Lisbon . There are numerous hotels in all the city's districts, but make sure you have a reservation before visiting because Lisboa is always overcrowded by tourists.

The public transportation in the city of Lisbon is steady and trustworthy. It is very easy and cheap to move around the city, simply by using the metro, the buses and the characteristic yellow trams that are one of the attractions of Lisbon. Taxis are rather cheap as well and they are found easily in the streets of the city.

Famous specialties of the Portuguese cuisine are the soup of cabbage and potatoes, the charcoal-grilled sardines and the cod fishcakes. The Portuguese people are also very proud of their sweets which are very popular among the visitors and of course their wine. The Portuguese cuisine includes fish, chicken, pork, goat, partridge, quail, rabbit, vegetables and fruit.

Everybody in Lisbon enjoys the nightlife, going out to dinner or going to bars and clubs. The city is beautiful to walk around night and it is filled with restaurants, cafeterias, bars, clubs, casinos and theatres. In the old city you can enjoy the traditional fado singing and the traditional Portuguese music. There are many different areas such as Av. 24 de Julho, Bairro Alto, Docas and Parque das Nações with different entertainment for all tastes. Most clubs and bars stay open until very late, especially the ones in the modern part of the city.

The definite is that everybody will have fun in Lisboa, a city full of energy and passion!




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International names
Lisbon, Lisboa,
Lisabon, Lisabona, Lisboa, Lisbona, Lissabona, Lisbonne, Lissabon, Lisszabon, Lizbon, Lizbona, Λισαβόνα, Λισαβώνα, Λισσαβώνα, Λισσαβόνα, Лисабон, Лиссабон

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