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Cheap air tickets to Lisbon:


You can find below all the low cost airlines that have direct flights from all major European cities to Lisbon.

 Cheap flights to Lisbon Air tickets to Lisbon low cost flights

Flights from UK to Lisbon:


London - LisbonEasyJet, BA, KLM

Manchester - Lisbon: BmiBaby

Leeds - Lisbon: KLM

Bradford - Lisbon: KLM

Bristol - Lisbon: KLM

Liverpool - Lisbon: Easyjet

Birmingham - Lisbon: KLM

Newcastle - Lisbon: KLM

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Cheap flights from Europe to Lisbon, all the low cost direct flights from UK, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania to Lisbon, Lisboa. Cheap air tickets to Lisbon, Lisabona. Book a cheap flight to Lisbon.




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Flights from France to Lisbon:


Paris - LisbonVueling, EasyJet

Basel - LisbonAirBerlin, EasyJet

Lyon - Lisbon: EasyJet




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Flights from Spain to Lisbon:


Barcelona - Lisbon: Vueling, AirBerlin, ClickAir

Madrid - Lisbon: Vueling, EasyJet

Seville - Lisbon: AirBerlin

Mallorca - Lisbon: AirBerlin

Valencia - Lisbon: AirBerlin

Alicante - Lisbon: AirBerlin






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Flights from Germany to Lisbon:


Dusseldorf - Lisbon: AirBerlin

Berlin - Lisbon: Easyjet, AirBerlin

Hamburg - Lisbon: GermanWings

Hannover - Lisbon: AirBerlin

Munich - Lisbon: AirBerlin








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Flights from Austria to Lisbon:


Vienna - Lisbon: SkyEurope, AirBerlin

Salzburg - Lisbon: AirBerlin








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Flights from Czech Republic to Lisbon:


Prague - Lisbon: - SkyEurope







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Flights from Romania to Lisbon:


Bucharest - Lisbon: BlueAir







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Flights from Greece to Lisbon:


Athens - Lisbon: Vueling, Iberia, TAP ( no direct )

Thessaloniki - Lisbon: Tap, Iberia                           ( For more details click here )
Heraklion - Lisbon








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International names
Lisbon, Lisboa,
Lisabon, Lisabona, Lisboa, Lisbona, Lissabona, Lisbonne, Lissabon, Lisszabon, Lizbon, Lizbona, Λισαβόνα, Λισαβώνα, Λισσαβώνα, Λισσαβόνα, Лисабон, Лиссабон