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London (England), city, capital of the United Kingdom. 

London is located at the south-east part of England, along the Thames River. London has almost 7 millions residents, it’s a vast metropolis by far the largest city in Europe, a feature it has sustain since the 17th century. In the 19th century London was the biggest and most influential city in the world, the centre of a large and prosperous overseas empire. London is now one of the world’s major financial and cultural capitals.

Whether you’re a walker or a wanderer, a hiker or a stroller, London is perfect for seeing the sights on foot. Walk around the city streets and markets or escape the hustle and bustle by wandering through parks and along the river. But you can also use the public transportations of the city. London has as main transport resource the Underground (Tube) and there are locals metro stations in the most of London's areas. If you like to travel over the ground you can use the famous Double Decker Buses and black taxis - both of them are a good choice to get more closely to your destination. The tickets are zonal but you can also buy daily or weekly tickets.

 You should definitely visit the most popular sights of the town, including: the London Eye, the British Museum, the Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. Interesting point is London's royal history that you can see with a visit to Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court and the Tower of London. At any time of day or year, the streets in London are dotted with a diverse, colourful collection of outdoor stalls. London is famous for its fun, educational, the world famous museums and galleries - many of them are open to the visitors with free entrance.

The culture of London starts form a path of 2000 years community history, between these years new ethnics have been added to its own traditional elements, making London one of the most multicultural towns in the world. London is famous for the cultural scene with more than 150 theatres and 300 art galleries offers amazing cultural performances and you could spend a life time there to explore the history and culture of London. Culture lovers will enjoy London which is full with theatres, galleries, museums and art exhibitions.

When it comes to eating out in London, there are numerous choices with the many restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars that frequent London's streets. You can find nice cafes, restaurants and bars wherever you are, sometimes in surprising places, so it's well worth to take time to explore.

London's nightlife is active with everything you will need - from world-class theatres to the most glamorous clubs in Europe. The city has a large variety of pubs, bars and clubs. Whatever your musical preference is, it will be easy to find a place for you!!

London with all its excellent shops, boutiques, alluring markets and malls is a paradise for all those who love shopping. London has more than 30,000 shops where you could spend days just for shopping.

Do not miss the chance to visit London and experience the cosmopolitan air of the city and also trace the ghosts of the past since a lot of English literature is concerned with the city.

Accommodation in London


In London you can find many types of accommodation from cheap hostels, guest houses and apartments to luxury hotels and suites. Some of them are located in the center of the city and the monuments and some others are in more quiet areas just a few minutes from the center.

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