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Cheap Flights, Cheap Air Tickets to Malta


You can find below all the low cost airlines that have direct flights from all major European cities to Malta airport. Search for the cheapest flights to Malta.

 Flights to Malta Cheap Air Tickets to Malta Low Cost Flights

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Cheap flights from Europe to Malta, all the low cost direct flights from UK, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland to Malta. Cheap air tickets for Malta. Book a cheap flight to Malta. Car rental in Malta

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International Names:
Malta, Málta, Malte, Μάλτα, Малта, Мальта

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Flights from UK to Malta:


London - MaltaAirMalta, EasyJet, Ryanair,  Thomsonfly

Manchester - Malta: AirMalta, EasyJet, Thomsonfly

Nottingham - Malta: Thomas Cook

Bristol - Malta: RyanAir, Thomsonfly, Thomas Cook

Liverpool - Malta:  -

Birmingham - Malta: AirMalta, Thomasfly

Newcastle - Malta: Easyjet, Thomasfly
Edinburgh - Malta: RyanAir

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Flights from France to Malta:


Paris - MaltaAirMalta
Lyon - MaltaAirMalta

Toulouse - Malta: AirMalta





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Flights from Spain to Malta:


Barcelona - Malta: ClickAir, RyanAir

Madrid - Malta: Vueling, RyanAir

Valencia - Malta: ClickAir






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Flights from Germany to Malta:


Berlin - Malta: AirMalta,

Hamburg - Malta: AirMalta

Frankfurt - Malta: Austrian, Lufthansa, AirMalta

Munich - Malta: AirMalta, Lufthansa









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Flights from Austria to Malta:


Vienna - Malta: LaudaAir, Austrian








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Flights from Czech Republic to Malta:


Prague - Malta: - AirMalta







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Flights from Italy to Malta:


Rome - Malta: AirMalta, Alitalia

Milan - Malta: AirMalta, Alitalia

Venice - Malta: AirMalta, RyanAir, Alitalia

Pisa - Malta: RyanAir

Bari - Malta: RyanAir, AirMalta

Trapani - Malta: RyanAir

Catania - Malta: WinJet, AirMalta

Turin - Malta: AirMalta, Alitalia











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Flights from Greece & Cyprus to Malta:


Athens - Malta: AirMalta, Alitalia

Thessaloniki - Malta: Alitalia                           ( For more details click here )
Paphos - Malta:

Larnaca - Malta: AirMalta, Emirates








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In our page you can find all the cheap/low cost flights from all the major European cities to Malta. Some airlines offer special discount prices for advanced flight reservations, you can also search for the best fares looking for promo offers. If you cannot find any cheap flight to Malta please feel free to contact us, we are pleased to serve you and suggest you some more choices.