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Malta, Málta, Malte, Μάλτα, Малта, Мальта

Malta Travel & Tourist Guide

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Malta is a stunning European country with rich history, culture, amazing architectural designs and many wonderful beaches. All these make it a really special tourist destination.

It is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and it is consisted of three main islands, Malta, Gozo, Comino and some smaller ones that are not inhabited.
With many conquerors, such as the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Knights of Saint John, the French and the British, Malta managed to become an independent nation in 1964. In 2004, forty years after its independence it became a member of the European Union.

The island of Malta has a unique character with a blend of architectures, monuments and churches from different eras. Some of the most important monuments in Malta are Saint John’s Cathedral, the Grand Master’s Palace, the National Theatre, the National Library and Verdala Palace.
The museums in Malta have vast collections and exhibitions showing the wide inheritance of the country. The National Archeological Museum, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Natural History and the Folklore Museum are only a few of the many museums in Malta.

Malta is a place that you can visit either winter or summer.  The deep blue sea, the sandy beaches and the green hills in Malta attract many visitors. Most beaches are organized and offer a large choice or water sports such as diving, windsurfing, water safari and fishing. There of course some beaches that are still untouched and have a natural landscape. Furthermore there are many activities to do in Malta such as horse riding, hiking, climbing, bicycling as well as play tennis, football and basketball.
The tourist resorts and the hotels on the island are numerous. There are all kinds of lodgings starting from 2 stars hotels to luxurious 5 stars
hotels offering excellent stay and modern amenities and facilities. The Maltese people are very friendly, hospitable and are always happy when people visit their country.

At the last few years there are also many low cost airlines that offer cheap flights to Malta, here you will find all the available

It is very easy to move from one beach to the other and visit all the museums and monuments in Malta because the buses that run on the island have frequent services. There are also some night schedules during the weekends making it easy for visitors to experience nightlife.
There are numerous open markets in Malta that have many interesting goods from were you can shop souvenirs, clothes, wines, jewelry and many other handmade products.

Malta has several restaurants that serve traditional dishes as well as dishes from other cuisines, with beautiful designs and tranquil ambience. After dinner you can enjoy the rest of your night out at one of the many discos, clubs, bars or pubs. You can also go to a theatre or a ballet performance or even go to one of the open space dances that are usually organized in Malta.
As time goes by the cheap flights to Malta are more frequent and there are more and more airline companies that run direct flights to Malto from many other European countries.   

A journey to Malta will offer new experiences and will give you the chance to explore a place full of history, adventure and excitement. Malta will provide whatever you are looking for in order to have the best holidays.    

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