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International Names:
Sofia, Sofía, Sofie, Sofija, Sofya, Szófia, Σόφια, София

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Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, was once created around a spring that nowadays is the city’s centre. The city’s centre, a mixture of architectural designs as well as monuments left from various conquerors, such as the Turks, the Romans and the Slavs, creates a unique atmosphere in a city that is full of life and never grows old.

If you are visiting Sofia for the first time try to wonder around the streets and the city will lead you to the right places. There are many archaeological treasures, monuments, museums and churches to visit around the city. You will be mesmerized when you come across the magnificent Church of Saint Alexander Nevsky as well as Saint Sofia’s church. Near the two churches you can see the flame and the monument to the unknown Soldiers in memory to all the Bulgarian soldiers that sacrificed for their country. Another important church in Sofia is Saint Nedelya, where in its square you can see the bronze statue of the patron goddess of Sofia. The rotunda of Saint George is the oldest surviving building in the city and a place you should most definitely visit.

Bulgaria is a country that honors its civilization and customs. In Sofia you will see that the locals maintain all the traditions and celebrations. The National Palace of Culture has many concert halls for opera, ballet and theatre performances and recitals and it is the place where the most important events take place. There are many music halls and many events in Sofia as well as many festivals and celebrations that take place in the city all year round. Many people from other cities or countries gather together during the festivals’ period in Sofia.

Sofia’s way of life is simple but with many pleasures. The ticket prices for the performances, the cinemas or the festivals are not very expensive and therefore many people can afford them.

There are many shopping centers in Sofia, with coffee shops and restaurants inside but there are also many flee markets where you can find handmade fabrics, tablecloths and laces as well as jewelry and icons. The everyday cost of living in Sofia is not expensive and that provides to the locals a satisfying way of life with quality.

The locals are very friendly and hospitable and you can find various hotels in Sofia to suite your every need.    


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