EUROPE HOTELS:  Frequently Asked Questions & Help

How will I pay for my reservation?

The reservations through our website need to be guaranteed by a credit card. Please note that we never charge your credit card. You will pay your reservation direct at the hotel in cash or either with the use of your credit card.

How can I cancel or amend my reservation?


In order to cancel or change your reservation please follow the instructions that have been sent to your confirmation email. Click at the given link and you will be able to do it online within a few simple steps.

If I will cancel my reservation I will be charged?

Not all the hotels have the same cancellation policy, the majority of them use a cancellation policy of 1 day and that means that you can cancel without any charge until a day before your arrival. However some of the hotels apply a more strict cancellation policy and they require a cancellation many days before the arrival, therefore you should read the terms & conditions before you make a reservation. A typical example is the hotels
in the Greek islands which have a cancellation policy of 15 days. On the other hand the hotels in most European cities use the 1 day policy.

Why my destination is not on the list of your website?


There is a chance that we might not be in cooperation with any hotel in the area that you are interested. But it is possible that we have omitted the destination from the main page of therefore please send us an email to to inform you.


Do I pay you any fee?


No, we do not charge any fee for our services.



How many people can stay in a room?


The hotels have different types of rooms, each one of them can accommodate a specific number of guests. In the description of each hotel there is a display of the maximum number of guests.

Are the prices that you mentioned in your website per person or per room?


All the prices are per room unless something is stated differently.



How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?


When you complete the 4 steps in the reservation process a message will be displayed informing you that your reservation is confirmed. Although a copy of the confirmation will also be sent to your email address.

Do the prices in your website include breakfast?


Each hotel has to mention whether breakfast is included or not.



What is the difference between a Double and a Twin room?

The double room has one double bed whereas the twin has two single beds.



Search options

- To find hotels for your destination please select the dates of your stay and click on “search”

- To find hotels within a specific category (e.g. 3 stars) please click on the advance options below the search menu and then select the category that you are interested (you can select more than one category).

- To search hotels by price please click on the option menu at the search result page (it is located on the top of the page) and select “cheaper double room
- To search hotels by guest reviews score please click on the option menu at the search result page (it is located on the top of the page) and select “
guest review score
- To find hotels suitable for families please click on the advance search below the search menu and select “family

- To search hotels that are located near a specific place (monument, museum, area etc.) please click on the option menu at the top right corner of the search result page and select the location that you desire.
- In order to find information about the location and directions of the hotel please go to the bottom of the hotel’s page in the travel information section. Furthermore on the top right corner of the hotel’s page you can find the hotel’s location in the city map.


I do not have a credit card, can I make a reservation?


Unfortunately all the hotels require a credit card in order to confirm a reservation.



Is it safe to send my credit card details through your website?


Your credit card information is being sent to us through a secure server and we use the latest technology in order to secure your information. The SSL encrypt technology we use are certified from Thawte, we also use a firewall which protect our server and network from unauthorised access.

Which is the maximum number of rooms that I can reserve?


10 rooms is the maximum you can book in one reservation. If you need to book more please send us an email to





If there is no answer of your question in this page please send us your enquiry through email to