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We offer a large variety of cheap & luxury hotels, hostels, apartments, rooms, in the center of Rome, book online with us and get special discount prices. Accommodation in the center of the  city, the Vatican and around Roma. Travel in Rome through our tourist guide, information about the Colosseum and the other attractions of the city. Rent a car in Rome. Cheap flights to Rome.

Rome has been a major city for a much longer period than any than other European capital. Once it was the center of the Roman Empire, a few centuries later it emerged as the center of the Roman Catholic faith and finally in 1870 it became the capital of the newly united Italy.
In Rome’s museums you can see artworks and artifacts dating from 
over 2,000 years of history - exquisite ancient sculptures, delicate early Renaissance and opulent baroque paintings and much more. Rome is divided in two sections, ancient and renaissance-baroque, but wherever in the city it is likely to come across some relic that still stands in the middle of the modern city. 

Add the plethora of cool bars, ice-cream shops and restaurants as well as boutiques that attract the fashion and shopping lovers and you’ve got a place that can guarantee a wonderful visit.


 “At each step, a palace, a ruin, a garden, a desert, a little house, a stable, a triumphal arch, a colonnade, and all these so close together that one could draw them on a small sheet of paper.”   J W VON GOETHE - The Italian Journey ( 1786-8 )



TOP 10 - Sights


1) Campidoglio

2) Castle Sant’Angelo

3) Colosseum ( Colosseo )

4) Palazzo Barberini

5) Pantheon

6) Piazza Navona

7) Roman Forum

8) San Clemente

9) Vatican city

10)   St Peter’s ( San Pietro )

Accommodation in Rome


In Rome you can find many types of accommodation from cheap hostels, guest houses and apartments to luxury hotels and suites. Some of them are located in the center of the city and the monuments and some others are in more quiet areas just a few minutes from the center

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