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 Hotels in Paralia in Katerini Accommodation in Paralia Apartments

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Paralia - Katerini


How to get there:

From Athens via the National Road it takes about 4.5 hours. From Thessaloniki it takes about 30-40 minutes. Paralia is also accessible by public transportation such as buses (KTEL) and trains (OSE) through the city of Katerini.



In Paralia there are hundreds of hotels, rooms, apartments and studios. If you intend to visit during the summer months of July and August we strongly advise you to book your hotel in advance since at that time Paralia is overcrowded mostly by foreign tourists (mainly from Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Poland).


Entertainment - Night life:

You can never get bored in Paralia! The night life is so vivacious and intense that never ends. There are places to go for all tastes, from taverns with live music to large clubs and bouzoukia.
Children can spend time in the beautiful theme park in the area or at the Go Cart track.


What to see:
Paralia not only offers beautiful beaches and endless entertainment, but it is also a close by destination for short getaways of cultural and educational character. Do not neglect to visit the archaeological site of Dion on the foot of Mount Olympus that used to be the sacred city of Macedonians, and of course the Royal tombs in Vergina.





HOTELS IN PARALIA: In Paralia - Katerinis you can find many types of accommodation, from cheap rooms, studios and apartments to luxury hotels, villas and suites. Cheap hotels in the center of Paralia in Pieria. Visit and stay in Paralia. Rent a car in Katerini

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International names: Paralia, Παραλία, Paralia Katerini, Paralia Katerinis, Paralia Katerini’s

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1) The Silk Hotel Paralia
2) Strass Hotel Paralia Katerini
3) Dion Hotel Paralia Katerini
4) Mistral Hotel Paralia
5) Ioni Hotel Paralia Katerini
6) Olympus Hotel Paralia
7) Kymata Hotel Paralia
8) Platon Palace Hotel
1) Melbourne Hotel Paralia
2) Ikia Apollon Olympic Beach
3) White Rose Olympic Beach



Photo Mediterranean Princess

Mediterranean Princess Hotel is located just 120 meters from the beach and offers 75 comfortable and spacious rooms with private balcony and view. The hotel has a swimming pool, a restaurant, wifi connection, a bar and many other amenities. The Mediterranean Princess Hotel is one of the best choices for your stay in Paralia.

More information
Mediterranean Princess Hotel Paralia
Mediterranean Village Hotel Paralia Katerini

The luxury Mediterranean Village Hotel is a modern resort that promises to make your holidays, in Pieria, unique. The hotel is situated next to the sea and offer 5 star luxurious accommodation at the 176 available rooms. Find more information on the link below.

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