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A veil of mystery covers this beautiful Italian city, which is built as if it floats on water on numerous islands that are connected with bridges. Venice throughout the centuries has not lost its glamour and it always attracts and allures travelers. The city of Venice with its mystical aura, the mist that surrounds it, its picturesque streets and its romantic atmosphere mesmerizes and enchants visitors.

How to get there
There are many ways to travel to Venice, either by plane, boat or even by car traveling from another part of Italy. The important thing is to be able to visit Venice and see the glory and magic of its past history.

Travel information
The minute you reach Venice you will realize that cars are not necessary. Nobody uses a car in Venice; instead they use various boats and the traditional and known to everybody gondolas that are always ready to transfer visitors for a romantic ride along the channels and the mysteries that are hidden in the city. A boating along the channels is definitely a unique experience, but a walk in the small and narrow streets will be unforgettable. Walk across small bridges and see the beautiful old buildings, the houses with balconies that are filled with flowers that will remind you bygone times.
Since there are no cars in the city your walk will be quiet and peaceful. A good idea is to walk around the city without a map
and without a specific destination, just let yourselves wander in this unique city’s labyrinth that will offer you a magical and special walk. Who knows maybe you will live an adventure. By wandering you will come in contact with the locals and you will see the various jewelry, glass and lace workshops.

Monuments and Attractions
There are also many monuments and sights to visit. In the famous Saint Mark’s Square there is the Saint Mark church that is considered the patron Saint of Venice. This church is considered one of the most significant churches in Europe. Saint Mark’s Lion is located in the same square as well as the Doge’s Palace that has a unique collection of frescos. Some other important monuments in Venice are the Clock Tower, the Sansovino loft, the Bell Tower and of course the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of the Sighs. The Churches of Saint George of Greeks, Our Lady of Victory, Our Lady of Miracles and Saint John are all worth visiting. Do not neglect to visit the Academy Gallery in order to admire the works of important artists such as Tintoretto and Titian. You should also visit some of the islands around Venice such as Lido which has one of the most beautiful and well known beach and Murano with its idyllic environment.

Whenever you travel to Venice you will experience something unique. And if you happen to be there during the Carnival you will not just experience something unique but also something that you will never forget. A taste from the Middle Ages, people dressed in traditional Italian costumes and of course the Venetian masks are something you will see in Venice’s Carnival. The music spreads all over, the people dance carefree in the streets and the atmosphere is incredibly captivating. Venice’s Carnival awakens memories from long-gone times and everyday life turns into pleasure, entertainment, dancing, enthusiasm and ecstasy.

Accommodation and food
Venice is full of modern, traditional, inexpensive but also luxurious hotels which are all ready to greet and accommodate guests. All the hotels in the city offer all the amenities and a beautiful atmosphere.
The journey in Venice would not be complete unless you try the food in the traditional restaurants that are submerged in the small and narrow streets of the city and drink the refined wines in combination with music, dancing and singing which is something easily found in restaurants. Drink the original Italian coffee in one of the infinite coffee places in the squares and talk to the local people that are unbelievable friendly and approachable.

Venice, a magical destination
Finishing your visit in Venice, finishing this voyage back in time stand in one of its many bridges at dusk and while the mist embraces you, like a patron goddess, close your eyes and grasp as much of the magic as you can so that it will accompany you in your return to present time. Make a wish that this places magic is never vanished.                       



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International names
Venice, Βενετια, Venetia, Benetia, Venecia, Veneza, Venezia, Venise, Benátky, Velence, Venecia, Venecija, Venedig, Venedik, Wenecja

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