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The beautiful island of Tinos, also known as the folk art island, is filled with natural landscapes, sparkling beaches, churches, monasteries, cobbled streets, picturesque Cycladic houses, windmills but also taverns, cafes and nightlife creating a combination between the old and the new, offering holidays for all tastes. The hotels in Tinos are numerous and offer modern amenities and reasonable prices. Tinos was always swamped because of the church Our Lady of Mercy, but in the last few years people also see it as a tourist destination. There are boat schedules to the island everyday (at the summer period)  from Piraeus and Rafina.

It is very easy to move around the island, and visit the beautiful villages and beaches, by public transportation or by renting a car/motorbike. A visit to the villages of the island is really worth it in order to see this untouched by time and technology places that still have a traditional way of life, like the village Agapi and also Volax a known place where among the little white houses huge rocks emerge or the opposite creating an unusual phenomenon. Volax has a theatre made of stone where many cultural events take place. Another beautiful village in Tinos is Tripotamos that has the only cheese and ceramics manufactory on the island. All of Tinos’s islands have their own traditional character giving to the visitor beautiful experiences. In Chora there are many historical monuments as in some other villages in Tinos but also most of the hotels, rental rooms, restaurants, bars and everything else the modern visitor might need. Tinos is truly a special island with magical atmosphere and colours.  

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HOTELS IN TINOS: In Tinos you can find many types of accommodation, from cheap rooms to let, studios and apartments to luxury hotels, villas and suites. Cheap ( budget) hotels in Chora (Tinos Twon). Holiday hotels in Tinos. Travel information. Tinos Car Rental

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The Tinos Beach Hotel is a luxury 4 star hotel that is located at the area of Kionia, next to a beautiful clear beach. The hotel offers cosy and luxurious accommodation for unforgettable summer holidays in the island. The hotels comprised from 4 buildings with a total of 117 rooms.

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International names: Tinos, Tinoc, Τήνος, Thnos


Kionia. , 84200 Tinos

The Vincenzo Family Hotel is located in Chora (Tinos Town) and near the port and the famous church of Panagia. The hotel has 14 full equipped rooms, with many amenities and extras like Jacuzzi . The hotel offer 1st and 2nd class rooms but also suites for luxury holidays.

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The hotel Afrodite in Tinos island is a small budget 2 star hotel and is located 100 meters from the beach of Agios Fokas. The hotel has 17 rooms and is suitable for long stay holidays.

Hotel Tinos Beach

Vincenzo Family Hotel

Afrodite Hotel Tinos